Our platform embrace the "security in depth" principle. This means multiple layers of defence are in place to stop any potential attack.

Our nodes are protected by multiple layer of security. We are leveraging VPC, Private subnet and Firewall to implement the desired security level.

All communications are encrypted

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Our platform uses multiple relays in the cloud.(NBI)

Our platform use "Continuous Integration" and "Continuous Deployment" in order to keep improving as fast as possible without sacrificing reliability.

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A resilient lone tree bends to the eleme


We currently host our servers in the cloud, partly driven by the lower cost of entry, but also driven by the flexibility it offers for resiliency.

Strategically, we are planning to run:

  • Several relays on different cloud provider in order to further participate in Cardano decentralisation.​

  • Automation in order to reduce our MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure).

  • Self healing solution in order to further increase resiliency

  • On different OSes because we want to reduce the likelihood to have an OS security bug affecting our overall platform

To stake to our pool, use Daedalus or Yoroi