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Why delegate to our pool “Africa: Non-Discrimination, Education and Women Empowerment”?

You will be receiving financial and emotional rewards from staking your ADA’s in a safe environment. Let me explain….

  1. Your ADA will be safer with us as technically, we have built the pool following the “security in depth” principle

  2. Our engagement with local charities means that you will have the satisfaction of giving back while receiving ADA rewards. 

Who are we?

Two passionate individuals who can see an opportunity to unlock wealth from global digital assets in order to give back to local communities. 
Our combined skillset spans from system engineering to running large businesses.

Are you always online?

Yes - Our servers are on the cloud and set up using multiple relays in order to maximise reliability. The servers are monitored 24/7 in an automated manner, ensuring that our pool will always be online and making their blocks on schedule. Thus consistent high rewards can be delivered to our delegators.

What is a Pledge?

Pledge is the amount of ADA a stake pool has guaranteed to keep in its account. It has a small influence in the rewards a pool will pay but the factor is very small (5-10m of ADA pledged minimum to start feeling the effects). 
We have decided to start our current pool with 30,000 ADA to symbolise the 30% of our operating returns which will be given to NGO's as a starting point.

How can I contact you?

Email is the easiest way to contact us. Use “”. We look forward to hearing from you.

What is our pool ID?

pool16lwqfp7cpvzwn6mhu0gj3h4aa5k6j9my0he4mgjjva5f7vvnkw2 (d7dc0487d80b04e9eb77e3d128debded2da917647df35da25267689f)